Sunday 24th February – Justin Moorhouse: Justin Time

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So here’s the deal. This year I’m going on tour with brand new material* and it’s called “Justin Time”. It’s not really a show about anything other than how I spend my time, and how you spend your time, so it pretty much is about anything and everything and nothing.

If I were to be very honest I’d say I’ve called it ‘Justin Time’ because it just seems like a nice title **. There is a very nice poster being “approved” *** as we speak and I’m busy writing new stuff **** and trying it out everywhere I can. Adding little bits as I go along and ditching stuff that doesn’t make people laugh even though when I woke up in the middle of the night I was laughing my head off at it and wrote it down on the pad and paper I keep next to my bed which has NEVER had an idea that I’ve dreamily scrawled into it make it into my act.

Hope to see you on the road.

x Justin

* obviously I may use certain words you’ve heard before in your life
** you don’t have to agree
*** when I say approved, I mean looked at by my agent and tour promoter, not the Government or anything
**** sitting around, drinking coffee, watching Storage Wars

Doors at 7.00pm with the show at 7.30pm (finished no later than 10.00pm)