Pete Firman

Pete Firman is a uniquely gifted magic entertainer, gleefully injecting the genre with his anarchic, off-beat humour and dazzling array of skills.

He starred as cheeky northerner ‘Tufty’ in Five’s irreverent, hip magic show ‘Monkey Magic’and is re-defining the rules of magic entertainment. Over the last few years he has become the face of the alternative magic scene and can be seen later this year presenting ‘Dirty Tricks’, a Friday night studio magic show for Channel 4.

In 2002 he made ‘Monkey Magic’ for FIVE. It was a radical new form of magic show, with a team of 4 magicians each with their own style and personality. It was short listed for a British Comedy Award and nominated for the Golden Rose of Montreux. The show was a hit and FIVE quickly commissioned Pete and the other guys to make the fantastically named ‘Greatest Magic Tricks In The Universe…….Ever’ which proved to be one of FIVE’s highest rating shows.

In 2004 Pete along with Ali Cook travelled the world and met his heroes in magic. ‘The Secret World of Magic’ was aired in May 2005 on Sky One. Pete says the offer was very surreal,  “Wait a minute, we get to travel the world, do tricks, meet our heroes and stay in swanky hotels? You know what let me think about it!”

Pete’s most recent project, Dirty Tricks, is a studio magic show, with celebrity guests, ritual killing, swearing and blood. It was recently nominated for the variety award at The Rose d’Or Festival.