Nathan Caton

Nathan Caton is an Xbox-generation comic with polished stage skills, some good jokes and affable charisma. The first in his family to go to university, he turned his back on his architecture degree for a career in comedy.

Caton wrote and starred in a 30-minute comedy pilot ‘The Nathan Caton Show’ for Paramount Television, earning him a Hotshot award from Broadcast magazine for his writing. He has also written for The News Quiz’ for Radio 4 and ‘Rastamouse’ for CBBC. His TV appearances include ‘Richard Hammond’s 5 o’clock show’, ‘Little Miss Joycelyn’ and and  ITV2’s ‘Comedy Cuts’

Nathan now continues to gig around the country and is also working on his own BBC Radio 4 series. He is a confident performer with some quality writing under his belt.

He excels in combining both personal, confessional material with up-to-date social and political anecdotes. This has won him numerous credits and plaudits over the years and has made him one of the hottest rising young stars on the circuit.