Mickey Sharma

Mickey is a highly regarded act that will have you trying to copy his catchy material for a long time after seeing him.

Mickey Sharma is an Indian that was born in Pakistan (its true!!) while his father was working for the Indian Embassy. After living in Pakistan, the family moved to Beijing, then Hong Kong, before finally moving back to India where he lived until he moved to Birmingham in 2002.

Having endured various jobs including waiter, shelf stacker, camera assistant and Bouncer, Mickey started comedy in 2009 and now works as a full time comic across the UK and sometimes abroad (Spain, Romania, India, Czech Republic)

“…..engaging energy” Chortle

“Mickey Sharma has an act that brings that little twist of brilliance, biting comedy with a backbeat and soul.” The Eastern Eye

“A very enjoyable, laugh a minute rollercoaster ride.” The list