Martin Mor

Martin ‘BigPig’ Mor is blessed with uncanny comic improvisational skills and one of the fastest minds on the circuit, combining startlingly original material with bold, energetic improvisation. Martin had an early career as a juggler, unicyclist, knife thrower, fire-eater, magician, and photographic model.

His love of working the audience, and an inability to remember his script, mean that every show is a unique interactive live event, and no two shows are ever the same.

His writing credits are too numerous to mention, but span from ‘Challenge Anneka’ to becoming one of the principle writers on ‘Mock the Week’, he also writes extensively for Frankie Boyle.

His picture is featured on Trivial Pursuits ‘Genus Edition’ on one of the ‘Arts and Entertainment’ squares. One of the pink ones. Wearing a leotard. True.