Jeff Innocent

Jeff Innocent’s appearance is as far from the Guardian-reading, sandal-wearing hippy stereotype as you could hope to get – a reconstituted East End geezer complete with regulation shaved head and no-nonsense cockney bluff.

His environmentally aware stance may be heartfelt, but in practice it is little more than a fine peg on which to hang all manner of contemporary issues, saying what many of us have thought, but couldn’t hope to state to eloquently, passionately and hilariously.

But however ‘woolly’ his liberal standpoint may be, his stand-up is rapier sharp.

Jeff is a well-practised, superior comic of many years standing. He commands the room, hits strong gags with confidence and style and has the audience bending to his every whim.

In short, he’s one funny man – whatever the environment.”
Steve Bennett

“The body of a nightclub bouncer and the brain of a university boffin”
The Guardian

“Jeff Innocent is like Alan Bennet writing an episode of Minder”
Hot Tickets