Daliso Chaponda

Daliso Chaponda is a Malawian stand-up comedian and writer currently based in the UK. He has performed and been published all over the world.

He is a versatile comedian and in one week performed a rather blue set in Silhouettes Strip Club in Birmingham, and two days later, did an all-ages one hour show about faith and family at the Greenbelt Christian Fetsival. ‘Everything is funny,’ he told a reporter from iafrica.com. ‘Why restrict yourself?’

In 2011 Daliso Chaponda grew frustrated with the fact that he was better known outside Africa than in Africa so he began a tour called ‘Laughrica’. He launched this one man show in Lilongwe, Malawi and followed it up with appearances in Zimbabwe’s Hifa Festival and in ‘Stand Up Africa’ in Johannesburg. In 2012, ‘Stand Up Africa’ will be televised and the ‘Laughrica’ project will continue with appearances in Kenya, Nigeria and Namibia.

Daliso likes pineapples!