Andrew Lawrence

Andrew Lawrence – an angry ginger man. Self-described as a ‘creepy-faced ginger reject’. On virtually any topic he can unleash an relentless tirade of pent-up, festering ire, performed at a vicious tempo with a poet’s vocabulary.

Maybe you’ve caught one of his rare TV appearances. Maybe you’ve heard his Radio 4 series ‘What To Do If You’re Not Like Everybody Else’. Probably you’ve never heard of Andrew Lawrence at all, how remiss of you.

He has performed on ‘Michael McIntyre’s Roadshow’, his BBC Radio 4 show has been re-commissioned for a second series and he has been booked for C4’s ‘Stand Up For the Week’ so you really have no excuse.

Andrew’s live performances have gained international recognition as he has played at all the top comedy festivals enjoying mass critical acclaim. He closed last year’s Swansea Comedy Festival and was such a resounding success he did an encore! He has twice performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and at the 2009 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. He has performed five consecutive all-new solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – two of which were nominated for the Edinburgh Comedy Awards – where he consistently plays to sell out audiences and receives rave reviews.

‘With the fractious energy born of frustration that puts one in mind of an evil Lee Evans merging with the verbal assaults of ‘equal opportunities offender’ Jerry Sadowitz, this taut, scrawny ginger comic, with his strangulated London twang, fires his ire any which way’
The Independent