6th October – Dan Nightingale, Paul F Taylor & TBC

Dan nightingale is simply  the best comedian you’ve never heard of. You haven’t seen him on Mock The Week, or Have I Got News. He is widely regarded as one of the best compares in the country – instinctively able to read a room a pitch his performance accordingly, brilliantly witty, quick-thinking and spontaneous.

His observational material, from the standpoint of a middle-class modern man grappling with ambiguities the average Nuts-reading lad doesn’t have, is solidly funny with an undeniable ring of truth. He exhibits a lot of playful charm in the telling of these yarns, and occasionally comes out with a perfect turn of phrase to draw out the laughs.


Paul F Taylor is a one of a kind.

A whirlwind of energy, he applies impeccable attention to detail to his beautifully crafted one liners, and coupled with his hilarious and surreal observations, he never fails to leave audiences crying with laughter.

Paul is a superb writer with a keen eye for the absurd in everyday life, he creates wickedly funny and astute observational comedy which is totally captivating and utterly hilarious.