25th September – Mitch Benn, Dan Nightingale & Andre Vincent

As far as musical parodies go, you can’t get much better than Mitch Benn. Musically clever and sparkling with inventive little flourishes, there’s probably no one better at capturing the essence of a song or style and twisting it into a spoof. He is justifiably acknowledged as one of the best writer/performers of comic songs in the country.

Mitch is a regular writer and performer on ‘The Now Show’ for BBC Radio 4 and ‘It’s Been a Bad Week’ for BBC Radio 2. He presents ‘The Mitch Benn Music Show’ on BBC Radio 7 and his successful Radio 4 show, ‘Mitch Benn’s Crimes Against Music’ has completed it’s third series.

On TV, Mitch appears regularly on BBC1’s ‘The One Show’ as the writer and arranger of ‘The Complaints Choir’ and he contributes occasional songs to Channel 4’s ‘Bremner Bird And Fortune’.  He was the presenter of the paranormal discussion show ‘Out There’ for Carlton World, and in 2009 made semi-regular appearances on BBC1’s ‘Watchdog’ performing songs highlighting consumer grievances.

Dan has been one of our favourite acts at the Hyena Lounge since the first time we watched him perform almost ten years ago.

You haven’t seen him on ‘Mock The Week’, or ‘Have I Got News’, he believes that stand-up should only be experienced live. He is widely regarded as one of the best compares in the country – instinctively able to read a room a pitch his performance accordingly, brilliantly witty, quick-thinking and spontaneous.

This week you get to see him open up for a full set, if you miss it – you will be missing a treat. His observational material, from the standpoint of a middle-class modern man grappling with ambiguities the average Nuts-reading lad doesn’t have, is solidly funny with an undeniable ring of truth.

Andre Vincent is such a widely experienced performer it is difficult to sum him up in a few words. He has performed everywhere, from the West End to South Africa. He has done everything from circus to panto (he’s doing the season in Norwich again). Comedy is just one more string in his massively talented bow.